Volunteering Bay of Plenty (Volbop) is pleased to present ‘Volfest’, the brand that will drive memorable community events throughout the Bay of Plenty.

With a focus on inclusivity, connection and accessibility, Volfest will now be the brand that encompasses several events, providing our community with opportunities to share experiences and knowledge.

This means instead of one major event annually; we will run a series of events across the region. These events will operate under the brand ‘Volfest’.

Volunteering Bay of Plenty will support the Volunteering sector through Events that will operate under the Volfest brand. Volbop could be involved in one or more of the following ways listed below:

Volfest 25 June 2021

Volbop is delighted to announce the first Volfest event will take place on 25th June at Baycourt Theatre in central Tauranga.

Community Events
Volbop invites you to make use of this space and advertise your Event on our Community Events page.

Participating at Events hosted by other organisations

Managing or co-hosting Events on behalf of other organisations

Hosting Volfest Events

Want to talk to someone about your Event?